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Dance with flARmingos

The Queens Museum and Dance with flARmingos are proud to present “the augmented wave”. An augmented wave has been seen heading towards the Queens Museum in Queens NY. Viewers can watch as it approaches the museum.

A new iteration of Dance with flARmingos will be presented as a part of the 2016 Queens International at the Queens Museum in New York City from April 10-July 31, 2016. The exhibition in Queens will include works by Dance with flARmingos artists who participated in Florida and new artists. Drawing parallels between the phantom-presence of Augmented Reality (AR) and equally intangible notions of ‘The Future’, contributing artists are prompted to envision the future of Land Art and land use, and to “virtually terraform” their site “into the likeness of their choosing or as an altogether new reality” using digital tools, free from the constraints and practicalities of an endeavor of this magnitude in the physical realm.

Confirmed artists:

Morehshin Allahyari, Peter Baldes, Shamus Clisset, Ben Coonley, Eteam, Brenna Murphy, Eva Papamargariti, Will Pappenheimer, Tabita Rezaire, Alfredo Salazar-Caro, Rick Silva, Mark Skwarek, Jack Stenner, Thomas Storey, Miyö Van Stenis, V5MT, Giselle Zatonyl